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We make use of the “cookies” and might have to collect passwords for your easy and undisturbed navigation on our site. Cookies are basically log files which are located on your computer’s hard drive. But, if you do not wish to trespass your cookies, you can easily disable your browser settings from allowing cookie data to be stored on our database.However, doing so, certain items on the store may not be viewable. Please be assured that no unauthorized access or third party is allowed to use cookies on

Security of Information

Name, Primary Email Address, Primary Phone Number and Primary Fax Number are mandatory credentials the customer has to provide while placing an order.

Sharing details such as residential address and others is at your discretion whether to provide or not to. On placing order, however, we would be requiring correct shipping address details for completing your order successfully., could collect and store your IP address and browser data for providing online services and maintaining the store. The pages visited, the amount of times or how often you visit the pharmacy, the time you spend on the store, enables us develop the sstore to make your shopping experience more convienient. is an online generic medication drugstore. If any content of the store is used by any visitor, then please ensure that it is not intended to defame, purge, and/or humiliate the manufacturer or whosoever concerned.

A) Since is an online pharmacy store of ED medicines; we disclaim any responsibility on the usage, dosage or application of the drugs. It is the responsibility of the patient to consult their physician, prior to usage of any of the listed medicines on the pharmacy. The same applies to any side effects a patient experiences, upon consumption of the medicines. 

B) Product Reviews posted by any patient/customer is not controlled by the store owner. We would respect and appreciate if you contact us directly in case of removal of specific content - identified or realized by you as: sensitive, incorrect or copyrighted.

C) Usage of banners, if any, on is not a property of the owner and our online pharmacy is not responsible for any such banner content.

D) The information provided herein is very basic and should not be relied on for drug usage. We are not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information on this store, as it does not include any instructions in particular. 

E) Trademarks visible on the store are copyrighted by the manufacturer of the product and belong solely to them. does not claim any association with or by any means related to any manufacturer of products displayer nor do we assert that we are the holders of trademarks. There is no relation, whatsoever with the trademark used. 

F) We are not associated with the brand manufacturers. The brands and service of the products/drugs included in the store are a property of their respective manufacturers.

Medical Information

Information in relation to any products or treatment on this store is provided by the store for general information purposes only. Information on the products may differ in terms of its utility and capabilities. A reference to a product or service on this store does not imply that such product or service is available in your country. All Products listed are reliable and approved resources to use. The medical information mentioned in the store is served with the purpose to make the patient/customer understand about the drug and its performance. This information is intentionally served in order to guide the user before taking the medicine.

Acceptance of Disclaimer

The owners and associates respect your privacy as a customer/patient. We acknowledge the information we receive from you and assure security of your basic details provided to the store.

We request you to read and understand this disclaimer as this is your right. Moreover, we want to assure you that it is safe to transact on Your information will always remain discreet and will be used for official purposes only.

Keep reading to know how the information you enter on is used and protected against any unauthorized access. Queries are welcome and can be directed to us through the contact us form. requires you to read, acknowledge and accept the Disclaimer, aforementioned, before proceeding with any order. has sub-domains that can access your information for providing you better pharmacy services, for you to avail effective product range in ED and non-ED drugs.

We entertain any and every query you may have regarding Disclaimer or otherwise. Please feel free to contact or request for additional information or comments via the contact us form.

Collection of Information

A) To grant you access to all the pages on the store without any hindrance

B) To provide you with products, services and offers on our online pharmacy store

C) To acknowledge your requirement on the store and your interaction on the site features

D) For receiving your feedback on contests or discounts (if and when conducted) and by posting you survey questionnaires. 

E) The Web services agents, who control and maintain the store and its features

F) Customer Service Department, to get in touch with you for any issues you may have and to guide you through the entire transaction

G) Product Development Team to complete your order supply process

H) To enable us to have your contact information in order to update you through newsletters (if opted for), latest news on the newly available Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs in the local or international market

I) In special specific cases only, in order to bring on a legal action against a particular someone, violating the policies of, the personal information is disclosed only if appropriately and/or permitted by law. 

Information protection system is designed with strong security features which ensure there is no leakage of any information that you provide on the store, no modification or manipulation of your data or unauthorized/third party access.

The user name and password you provide, when registering with is the only key to access your information. Do not share sensitive information like these with any person, whosoever. It is a good and healthy practice to change passwords regularly to ensure password-protection.

Once finished business with, on every logout, ensure you refresh your web page. Be extra cautious of logging out without fail, when sharing or accessing public computer.

Credit card information is protected through the usage of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that protects online submitted information such as credit card numbers, account numbers, online forms, financial information, and others.

The 24-hour access to our store and customer support ensures you can modify your information as and when desired by you. You simply have to update your account, when editing the details you enter. allows anonymous browsing, without any registration to access the products we offer and receive any information you need on the ED drugs listed on the store.


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